The Edge

Excerpts from Jill Brenneman’s life during her time as a trafficked submissive prostitute.

The following is an excerpt from my experiences in prostitution and a significant portion of my speaking presentations to give a first person account followed by discussion of sex worker rights, my support for full decriminalization of prostitution and why the two which seem so far apart are merged More

Christmas Eve, I was freezing in a leather coat, leather short skirt and light top. The whole day had been in calls. And what was a surprise to me was a very busy day. But Christmas Eve was family night. In calls were sparse. “In call” meaning the men called Bruce, the business portion of the transaction was completed. He went to a bar that he liked and sent me to the street to make more money and he could watch me from a nearby bar. There was still business on the street. More

It was just before July 4th many years ago when I took an out call client. He was a computer geek. I let my guard down with him because he was fat, a geek, completely non threatening. Getting the money up front is a cardinal rule and that rule stayed in effect for this event. The client I’ll call Arnold only wanted straight sex and light slapping on the buttocks. Easy client. Arnold apparently was much more observant than I More

I was taught from the outset that were words and discussions never to be talked about because they risked getting everyone arrested. You never discuss sex in relationship to money. However, strictly for bondage clients who needed a submissive More